Enter: Mens Clothing Department…

After last nights post about that $140 Michael Kors Jumpsuit I scored for $20.41 a few months ago, I figured I’ll follow suit with yet another deal I got at Lord & Taylor just last night. I’ve had a $15 off $40 sitting in my purse that was going to expire on Monday, plus it’s their Friends & Family sale, so it was time to head to the mall.

My fiance needed some new dress shirts (I don’t understand how so many of his ink-pens can explode all over his clothes), so that brings me to the mens department.  I can’t be selfish and only use these deals on myself!  I’m particular about what I buy for him, I know what colors he wears on rotation, and I definitely think about quality.  Plus – who has time to go to the dry cleaner, let alone pay those outrageous dry cleaning prices (even when there’s a coupon) so, the shirts really need to be “non-iron”.

As I browsed around, felling a little out of my element (well… actually there were mostly women around me) I hit the HUGE sale rack of button downs and made my way to his size.

As I sifted through what I didn’t like and what I knew he wouldn’t wear, I ended up with two Ralph Lauren non-iron dress shirts that can be worn with anything.  What did the price tags say? $69.50 each.  What were they marked down to? $20.85 each (that’s already 70%)!  It didn’t end there.  Let’s make our way to the register.


The first shirt rang up correctly, then when the cashier scanned the second one, the screen showed $34.99.  Good thing I had my eye on the register because that wasn’t going to fly.  They have to sell it to you for what the sticker says.  ALWAYS double check and do the math ahead of time so you know what your total should be.  Sure enough, the cashier updated that price for me.  Then she scanned my $15 off coupon.  Then she applied the 25% off discount they are running throughout the whole store. Add the tax? $21.30 for both Ralph Lauren non-iron dress shirts.

Maybe it’s luck? Maybe it’s skill? Maybe I paid attention in math class and can do percents quickly in my head? But it doesn’t take too much time – I was in and out of that mall in less than a half hour.

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