Patriotic Red, White & Blue Jean Shorts (at 84% off!)

The 4th of July has come and past.  Unfortunately, that means summer is almost over – even though it only ‘officially’ started 20 days ago.  That also means we only have 4 solid months before it starts to snow, yikes.  I’m definitely going to take advantage of summer while I can – and a trip to the orchard to pick delicious berries was the perfect weekend activity.

Between Memorial Day and the 4th of July, summer in general is about being patriotic.  The star & stripe True Religion shorts I found this weekend scream patriotism (but they’re still subtle enough for non-4th activities).  Saving money is pretty patriotic too – I could easily argue it’s just one step closer toward the so-called “American Dream”!

True Religion shorts (or jeans for that matter) are pretty great.  They’re soft, comfortable, wash well…. and they’re actually made in the USA.  How many items in your closet are actually made in the USA? Probably not many.

TR Shorts 1 TR Shorts 2

I went into Marshalls to check out the home goods section.  Clothes weren’t even on my agenda but I happened to walk by the clearance rack.   I quickly pushed through last seasons rejects, and these awesome shorts were just waiting for me.   They were marked down to $29 from $178 – which was 84% off the original price! (Plus they fit perfectly!) #fabfound

TR Shorts 4

‘Till next time, stay stylish!

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