Neiman Marcus is On Fleek for High-End Items at Low Prices!

Neiman Marcus. Once viewed as elite, once viewed as a store that I shouldn’t even peruse.  Well, I’ve completely changed my mind.  Yes, while scrolling through the sale items online I did see a $17,990 Zac Posen gown marked down to $10,749, but don’t let that scare you.  Not all of their items cost as much as used cars.  Keep browsing, and sign up for their e-mail – as soon as you finish reading this post!

Everything they sell is top notch. The best brands, the best quality.  Unfortunately, we all know that high-end designers come with a high-end price tag.  Personally, I do think the better fit and the higher quality fabrics warrant paying a little bit more, but that still doesn’t mean I’d pay full price.  Luckily, it all goes on sale!

Reasons I love Neiman Marcus:
1. Free Shipping
2. Free Returns
3. I live in CT, so when I ship things to my house, there is NO SALES TAX!
4. Their promotions.
5. The Midday Dash.

So, let me explain.  We don’t have a physical Neiman store in CT, so we don’t have to pay sales tax when we order! Say you see something at another department store, but it’s pretty pricy – the sales tax will add up.  Well, check online to see if Neiman has it, and if they do, you just saved yourself 6.35%!  They also constantly e-mail promotions – yesterday for instance, if you spent $200, you received a $50 gift card back.  The more you spent, the more you received! And last but not least, the Midday Dash. Every SINGLE day, an e-mail is sent out around 11am.  Click the link at 12:30 eastern time, and there are daily sales up to 80% off – only valid for 2 hours.  It’s hit or miss, but you can find some amazing deals!  Plus, if you have their credit card – you get $100 back for every 10,000 points you earn and complementary two-day shipping (5 points per $1 with additional point promotions).

The current sale? Up to 70% off thousands of items – apparel, shoes & accessories for the entire family.

Currently, there are 2280 dresses on sale on their website, so it doesn’t matter how picky you are, you can find something that fits your style, and your budget!  Some of my favorite finds on the site right now: A $595 Carmen Marc Valvo floral cocktail dress marked down to $178 = 70% off – perfect for a guest attending a summer wedding.  Need something more formal, say for a black tie event? How about a $998 Monique Lhuillier black gown marked down to $349 = 65% off.  If you need something more causal, how about picking up the Indikka Floral Maxi dress that was $225, now only $78 = 65% off.  And my personal favorite: a $700 tea-length Kay Unger dress marked down to $245 = 65% off.  If you keep looking, there are currently dresses as low as $44.  The options are endless.

Searches are easy.  Search by price, size, designer, color, length – you name it.  So next time you’re looking around for something, don’t rule out high-end department stores – or else you might miss out on finding an amazing designer item at an amazing price.

UPDATE: As of 7/20 all clearance is an additional 30% until 7/23!!!

‘Till next time – stay stylish 🙂

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