The Style of My Summer (Another Dillard’s Find) – at 81% off!

Think back to my post about the Eliza J. embellished dress from Dillard’s – I happened to leave with another great find that day: a light and airy J.McLaughlin Tunic at 81% off!!

Dillards J.McLaughlin Tunic

While I’ve browsed the J.McLaughlin store many times while strolling down the block in West Hartford Center, I’ve never actually left with anything in hand.  Reason? I never find anything within their extremely small inventory that doesn’t have an insane price tag.  But I have to admit, their clothes are really cute and seem to be very well made – almost a more grown-up, sophisticated Lilly Pulitzer.  I was pretty excited when I saw a lone tunic mixed in the clearance rack at the Orlando Dillard’s.

It’s a great tunic – light and airy for hot summer days that turn into cool nights.  I have to admit, as much as I hate ironing, it only took about four minutes out of my day to iron both the shirt and shorts (which I picked up at J.Crew last summer on clearance!) for my #ootd.  The tunic was $125. Wait, what? Well, that was before the markdowns and the additional discounts.  The markdown price was $43.75 – still way too much for a summer shirt.  Since the entire rack at Dillard’s was marked 50% off the sale price, I justified paying what I think clothes are worth – about 20% of their original price.

Dillards J.McLaughlin Tunic Original Price Dillards J.McLaughlin Tunic Sale Price

I ended up waiting in the horrendously long, slow moving line for the dressing room – but I’m sure glad I did because the tunic made it’s way into my shopping bag.  The price dropped from $125 to $22.  At a grand total of 81% off, the J.McLaughlin tunic was a great addition to my summer wardrobe!

‘Till next time, stay stylish & stay tuned for my upcoming post featuring the free laundry detergent I picked up today!

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