A Pleasant Surprise – Double Coupons at Big Y!

I had a surprise on my Big Y receipt – doubled coupons!  I walked into Big Y with a very short list.  Napkins: specifically Bounty.  They’re thick, absorbent, and don’t leave lint – plus the Big Y Flyer showed they were B1G1F this week!  The Sunday newspaper had a page full of Bounty coupons too – one specifically for napkins, and one was more generalized for any Bounty product – so I used both.

When I got up to the register, I noticed as my 20¢ coupons were scanned, it was also applying another 20¢ off per coupon! They were doubling, and I wasn’t going to question it…

So, when I got home, I did a little research and found this on the Big Y website: “Manufacturers’ paper coupons with a face value less than 99¢ will be doubled.” That’s pretty awesome!  Although I did see this on their website as well: “Coupons cannot be accepted toward any item that is given ‘FREE’ based on our stores’ advertised sale. For example, if an item is advertised as ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free,’ and the customer selects two, they may only redeem one manufacturers’ coupon.” Fortunately, my cashier wasn’t aware of the latter rule and let me use both coupons I had!

Since the Bounty Napkins were marked $2.33 each, on promotion for B1G1Free, and I used two 20¢ coupons that were both doubled – I got two 100 packs for $1.53 (that should have cost $4.66)! That’s 67% off!

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