Accidentally Receiving Free Gifts?

It was an accident.  I didn’t try to cheat the system.  I didn’t try to receive anything I didn’t earn.  But that’s the way it turned out.

The Lord & Taylor Friends & Family Sale started last week.  That means discounts on top of discounts.  Regular and sale items are an additional 25% off; clearance items are an additional 30% off.  You can even save 10% off of makeup and perfume, which is very rare.

The Clinique counter also had a free gift with a $27 purchase (a zipper bag filled with full size samples of eye-shadow, mascara, lipstick, serum, moisturizer and facial soap).  I was purchasing an item as a Christmas gift, but they did not have the exact color I needed in stock.  The sales woman graciously ordered the item I needed, shipped free to my house.

On a side note:  The item I ordered was exactly $27.  I made a choice not to use my 10% off, because I felt that the gift was worth much more than the $2.70 I’d save with the coupon.  The sales woman handed me the free gift I earned, with my receipt, and the confirmation of my order.

Unfortunately, I just received an e-mail that said my order has been cancelled because the item is completely sold out!  But, to be optimistic:  my credit card has been fully credited, and … I still get to keep the awesome free gift, valued at $70!  I guess I lucked out (plus Nordstrom has the item I need in stock, price matched to Lord & Taylors’ coupon price ($24.30), with free shipping – and there’s still time to order for Christmas-eve arrival!)

‘Till next time.