Do NOT Settle – for High Prices!

The last time I posted about price comparisons, was when I purchased my awesome Dyson Cordless Vacuum back in November (I’m still in love with its capabilities)… so this time, lets talk style.

More often than not, a person will go to a store or go on a website, see something they like, and purchase it.  That’s great, if you don’t mind wasting money (in my case today, over $100!)  With the internet in our hands, literally, it’s more easy than not to spend a measly 3 minutes goggling that item to make sure it’s not cheaper somewhere else.

So, here’s what happened to me.  Salt has been an enemy to my favorite black leather boots, and no matter how many times I polish them, the stains keep coming back.  So, considering I’ve had them since my college days, it’s time for a new pair.  I’ve tried pair after pair this winter, not loving any that I’ve seen.  I also think that a good pair of black boots is an investment – they’re a winter staple in Connecticut between October and March.  They should be good quality and they should last winter after winter – but there’s only so much you should invest… no matter what, they wont last forever.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Bloomingdales announcing a great presidents day sale, and low and behold a beautiful pair of black leather Kate Spade boots, originally $398, marked down to $139.29 (this weekend only!)  That price goes up to $198.99 on February 15th.  But they did not have my size – bummer!


A few websites later, I noticed Nordstrom DID have my size.  But the SAME EXACT boots were $238.80 (only 40% 0ff the original price).  Why on earth would I pay $99 more for the same product?!  Being savvy, and having used their price match policy before, I contacted Nordstrom customer service to ask for the price to be adjusted.  Well, there’s a catch.  They noticed that Bloomindales didn’t have my size available so they wouldn’t match the price for me.  So they just lost my sale.

I was aggravated, it was frustrating.  And I really wanted these boots!  So, this morning, I decided to check one more time – to see if Nordstrom happened to adjust their pricing online.  They didn’t, but it was definitely my lucky day.  Bloomindales magically had size 8 in stock!  I added them to my cart with the click of a button and got the boots for 65% off!!!  I also used my (free) loyalist card, which gives me automatic free shipping, and double points on my footwear purchase!
I’m pretty sure I got the last pair, because size 8 is sold out again!

‘Till next time, stay warm & stylish this winter
and COMPARE for the best deal!

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