Great Menswear Deals!

There are so many reasons to give gifts – holidays, birthdays, special occasions.  But, every so often you want to buy a gift “just because”.  I felt like my fiancé deserved something new – he’s lost over 15 pounds in the past few months, devoting himself to a healthy lifestyle.  Plus, I’ve noticed most of his wardrobe is getting a bit baggy.

I stopped by Nordstrom Rack last night on my way home from work – they had just started one of my favorite sales: “Clear the Rack“.  They typically host this sale on holiday weekends, and all clearance items are an additional 25% off!  As I quickly browsed through the woman’s section and shoe department with no luck, I made my way over to the men’s clearance rack.

As I quickly pushed items across the rack, I began spotting Tommy Bahama quarter-zip sweatshirts – a casual staple in my fiancés wardrobe – marked between $29.40 and $34.99.  These sweatshirts retail for $98 at Nordstrom and the Tommy Bahama store, and rarely go on sale.  The Nordstrom Rack price this year was $57.97 , before the clearance sticker of course.  They still had a large variety of colors to choose from and I ended up purchasing one navy blue and one reversible dark grey.  After the 25% discount was added, I paid $51.36 including tax for BOTH sweatshirts – that’s 75% off their regular price and a $147.71 savings!!


What could be better than that deal?! The fact that Nordstrom is giving TRIPLE POINTS this weekend when you make purchases on your Nordstrom Card – so you’ll earn gift certificates even faster!


It felt good to give a thoughtful gift to celebrate my fiancés achievement,
and it felt even better knowing I got a great deal!

‘Till Next Time: Keep finding great deals on gifts!

75% Off The Dress of your Dreams!

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you know I love everything that’s pink and full of bows!  So here’s my story about the perfect pink bow dress.


Have you ever seen something and knew it was just made for you – it fits your style perfectly.  It just calls your name and is pure perfection.  Back in September, I saw that “perfect” dress posted on Instagram.  I contacted the woman who posted the picture to find out where I could get it and she let me know the photo was taken at a Kate Spade outlet store – but the store she took the photo in was halfway across the country!
I looked on their website, I looked on e-bay, and I could not find the dress!

Then, Columbus day weekend rolled around.  All of the sudden, my local Kate Spade outlet had stocked the dress and I immediately grabbed it off the rack.  It fit, but not perfectly – I needed it taken in, but I figured my tailor could deal with that.  I knew the dress would have a high price tag, but it was the PERFECT color to wear to my bridal shower in April.  Thankfully, holiday weekends = SALES!  At retail stores, the dress sells for $428 – the outlet price was $345.

The promotion for Columbus Day weekend was great – 50% off each item, plus an additional 20% off your entire purchase!  That made $345 drop down to $138 – that’s a 60% total savings off the outlet price!


You might ask – why is she posting about this dress deal five months after she bought it?  Well, I planned on posting this in April (I wouldn’t want to post the photos before wearing it) !  But that all changed this past weekend: I unfortunately (and sadly) had to return it.  My tailor regrettably could not make it fit me right – NOT cool.
And now I have less than a month to find something just as perfect!

But you on the other hand, now know about this awesome deal is still available:  I bet you wont believe they still have this dress (and rack-fulls of others) available at the outlet – and it’s now UNDER $90! That’s 75% off of the outlet price!  At that price, they certainly wont last long so hurry to get the best selection!

‘Till next time, stay stylish!

Spring Treats! (Special Coupon Code in Post!)

Hopefully you took advantage of some of the “Leap Year” sales & deals yesterday, like a free cup of tea at David’s Tea!

If not, there’s still so many deals for spring ahead (21 days away, but who’s counting!).

In addition to the spring countdown, I have a few others going on… my wedding and honeymoon to name a few!  In just over three months I’ll be headed to clear turquoise water, white sand and palm trees swaying in the breeze.

Lands End has been sending me e-mails galore full of new spring and summer merchandise, and when I saw an adorable polka dot bikini, they had my attention.  Each piece was pretty pricy since these are brand new items,
but I thought I could treat myself for this special tropical trip ahead.
Plus, their baiting suit fit and quality are certainly hard to beat.


Even though I was treating myself, I still couldn’t bear to pay full price (WHY should I?)
I didn’t have to.  It’s Friends & Family!  Right now, your ENTIRE Lands End purchase is an additional 30% off!  You’ll also receive free shipping if you spend over $50!

Until Midnight tonight, you can get this deal too using Code: PAL302 Pin: 7000

Have fun stocking up for spring (or grabbing last minute winter clearance for next year)!
‘Till next time, save a dime!