Great Menswear Deals!

There are so many reasons to give gifts – holidays, birthdays, special occasions.  But, every so often you want to buy a gift “just because”.  I felt like my fiancé deserved something new – he’s lost over 15 pounds in the past few months, devoting himself to a healthy lifestyle.  Plus, I’ve noticed most of his wardrobe is getting a bit baggy.

I stopped by Nordstrom Rack last night on my way home from work – they had just started one of my favorite sales: “Clear the Rack“.  They typically host this sale on holiday weekends, and all clearance items are an additional 25% off!  As I quickly browsed through the woman’s section and shoe department with no luck, I made my way over to the men’s clearance rack.

As I quickly pushed items across the rack, I began spotting Tommy Bahama quarter-zip sweatshirts – a casual staple in my fiancés wardrobe – marked between $29.40 and $34.99.  These sweatshirts retail for $98 at Nordstrom and the Tommy Bahama store, and rarely go on sale.  The Nordstrom Rack price this year was $57.97 , before the clearance sticker of course.  They still had a large variety of colors to choose from and I ended up purchasing one navy blue and one reversible dark grey.  After the 25% discount was added, I paid $51.36 including tax for BOTH sweatshirts – that’s 75% off their regular price and a $147.71 savings!!


What could be better than that deal?! The fact that Nordstrom is giving TRIPLE POINTS this weekend when you make purchases on your Nordstrom Card – so you’ll earn gift certificates even faster!


It felt good to give a thoughtful gift to celebrate my fiancés achievement,
and it felt even better knowing I got a great deal!

‘Till Next Time: Keep finding great deals on gifts!

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