Thank you!

I haven’t posted in a while, but if you’re reading this, thank you for checkin in!

I’m a huge fan of snail mail.  Unfortunately, since much of the world relies on the internet, texting and video chats for nearly all forms of communication, our mailboxes are typically only filled with bills, magazines and “junk mail”.

I cherish the joy of going to the mailbox each day in December to find Christmas cards, but each year, fewer and fewer arrive.  When is the last time your mailbox contained a personal letter, card or note?

Since snail mail has become a rare surprise, rather than an expectation,
it’s become even more meaningful.
Shouldn’t saying “thank you” be meaningful?
So to say thank you, snail mail all the way, to make someones day.
(Then again, that’s just my opinion, because I can’t image a year not sending Christmas or Birthday cards to close family & friends).

If you’re into stationary trends (be it cards, invitations, return address labels, personalized note pads & notebooks), hopefully you signed up for a Tiny Prints account at one point or another.  If you did, there’s good news – so check your mailbox!


Tiny Prints and Shutterfly have now collaborated into one website – it does not change any of your log-in information, instead, it just links the accounts!
To advertise this new joint venture, they sent out cards (yippie, snail mail!) and a follow-up e-mail with an amazing coupon code to account holders.  10 FREE THANK YOU NOTES, PLUS FREE SHIPPING!  Typically, you end up paying shipping with their free-item promos, so this deal really goes above and beyond.

The promotion even included foil stamped thank you notes (for instance, the design I chose retails for $3.14 per card!), and each design allows you to personalize with a name if that suits your fancy!  I am so excited for my personalized thank you notes to arrive in the mail! Even though I love paper-crafting and card making, sometimes it’s helpful to have some pre-made and ready to go!


The deal expires July 31st, so if you received a coupon code, do NOT let this one pass you by.  You’ll thank yourself later!  My order would have totaled $36.39, but it was completely FREE!

‘Till next time, THANKS for reading!