Pop-Up Anticipation!

One of my favorite sales of the year is coming up in less than two weeks!
The annual 5-day Splash of Pink pop-up at the Tanger Outlets in Westbrook, CT starts on Wednesday August 16th at 9:00AM.

Some tips of advise from previous years:

*Get there early, VERY early (especially on the weekends).  The line will start forming a few hours prior to the opening time.  It’s better to be waiting at the beginning of the line and get to enter the store first, than arriving late and watching others through the window shop while you wait to be let in.  The employees will only let a certain number in at a time – but it still seems crowded once you enter!

*Come prepared.  I mean, black Friday prepared. It’s not uncommon to see women sipping on their morning coffees and eating breakfast in line.  And, I’ve seen a portable chair or two – just make sure you’re with someone who will bring it back to the car for you when it’s your turn to enter. Trust me, your boyfriend/husband will NOT be the only one dragged along (there’s a nice ledge they all sit on as they watch the shopping madness and hold mile-high piles of potential purchases)

*Grab fast.   It is First Come, First Served – and sizes & styles are very limited.   So if you see something you love, grab it.  If you turn around or walk away, it might be gone for good.  Items are re-stocked throughout the weekend, but shoppers never know which items will be re-stocked or when the re-stock takes place.  With that being said, make sure you try it on, because all sales ARE final.  Which brings me to my next tip….

*Wear “conservative” undergarments.  The dressing room consists of one giant curtain.  Basically, you find a spot right next to someone else to strip down and try on items.  You’re sharing mirrors in one massive mob of women. And it may sound far fetched now, but if someone sees you trying on an item that they LOVE, they may “stalk” you to see if you’re going to give it up as you leave the fitting room.
(And, I don’t use the term stalk lightly.  Last year, I had a teenage girl and her mom eyeing my every move as I contemplated between a size S and size M of the TuskInSun t-shirt dress.  They watched me try each size on, commenting on the fit, and trying to convince me to choose the M even though it was way too big!  Unfortunately for her, I ended up snatching the S).

*Just have fun! Pop-up sales can be hectic, but when you find an item you love, they are totally worth it! Since Lilly rarely goes on sale, this one is not to be missed!

Just in case you didn’t receive a postcard in the mail, I posted a photo of it below! Please be sure to read the details, they only take certain payment options (no checks), and remember sales are final, so make your selections wisely!


If you’ve been to this pop-up in the past, I’d love to hear your experiences, advise & tips – please share in the comments section!

Till next time, get ready!
(And be sure to check back after the sale to get a peak at my findings!

Tiny Shiny Things

Hair barrettes. They’re tiny, they break easily, and no matter how careful I am, my favorite ones always “disappear”. So why are they so expensive?!

Fortunately, I found some great mark downs at J. Crew and it was definitely time to stock up! Their barrettes come in a wide variety of sizes, and the color choices of silver, gold, rose gold and tortoise shell make them extremely versatile for any outfit.  They also hold a GOOD amount of my super-thick hair (well enough to sweep the top part off of my face) – so that’s a plus!

Rose Gold & Gold Barrettes

The barrettes a J.Crew normally retail for $12.50 (some are a little less or a little more).  The two I chose were marked down to $6.99 each, and then there was an additionally 50% off discount on top of the sale price! I ended up getting two different barrettes for under $8 – which was less than the original price of one! That’s over 65% off!


‘Till next time all!

When Life Gives You Lemons…

Lord & Taylor has some amazing summer sales going on (shoes were an additional 70% off the sale price, swimwear was marked down to $19.99 plus and additional 25% off, and clothing for both men & women was drastically discounted).

As I walked by the sleepwear department, the 50% off signs on top of the Kate Spade racks caught my eye! Their sleepwear is so comfy (and cute)! While I would have loved to pick up one of each print, I settled on a soft, cotton short & t-shirt set with an optimistic saying: “look on the bright side”.  Doesn’t everyone needs a little perking up in the morning?!


Anyway, lets get to the good part.  This 2-piece set retails for $78 (and they kept it at that price for a LONG time).  The sale price brought the set down to $58.50 – yikes, still high.  Add in the 50% sale, and the PJ set was less than $30! That’s just about 65% off of the retail price!


There were other Kate Spade cotton night-shirts and silk chemises on the racks as low as $14 after the 50% off!  Prices seem to be higher on their website – so check the store for the best prices (and to cut out he shipping cost)!

‘Till next time, Make Lemonade!

Summer Sales

Summer is the best time to stock up on the best sales. Maybe it’s because everyone tends to shop less, and be outdoors more. But on a dreary morning full of rain, the mall was packed!

If you’re an avid tea drinker like myself, you’ve probably been to David’s Tea, where there is an entire wall of flavors to choose from.  But, there’s more beyond the loose leave tins.  There are GIFTS – and sale prices are slashed! As we walked in, there was a wall lined with ceramic mugs and travel mugs – marked down to $6 each (originally $15 & $24)!  One of the sales people kindly informed us, that if we purchased 3, they became 3 for $10, making the ceramic mugs 75% off and the travel mugs 85% off! (And these are seriously the BEST travel mugs. They pass EVERY leak test!)

We immediately thought to stock up for Christmas gifts and started filling a basket with every winter or Christmas themed item we could find.  Be it for co-workers, neighbors, or the last-minute invite to a secret santa party, you can always use gifts on hand to limit those crowded December mall runs.


As we made our way to the register, we saw some smaller “Tea tags” and other goodies, marked down to $3 each (originally $5 or $8).  Again, the sales person peaked our interest when they mentioned that if you buy 5, they are only $2 each! I was concerned about expiration dates, but was informed they are certainly still good for another year (well after Christmas gift giving will take place).


So for only $30, we got NINE mugs to gift, and for an extra $10, were able to get 5 adorable tea-filled gift tags.  We also picked up some of our favorite summer iced-tea flavors that went on sale, so we can enjoy them well into the fall.


David’s tea also had a promotion, where you could purchase their $28 iced-tea travel mug for only $5 with any purchase, so we grabbed two of those!
Head on over before they sell out!


‘Till next time, stock up & save!