Summer Sales

Summer is the best time to stock up on the best sales. Maybe it’s because everyone tends to shop less, and be outdoors more. But on a dreary morning full of rain, the mall was packed!

If you’re an avid tea drinker like myself, you’ve probably been to David’s Tea, where there is an entire wall of flavors to choose from.  But, there’s more beyond the loose leave tins.  There are GIFTS – and sale prices are slashed! As we walked in, there was a wall lined with ceramic mugs and travel mugs – marked down to $6 each (originally $15 & $24)!  One of the sales people kindly informed us, that if we purchased 3, they became 3 for $10, making the ceramic mugs 75% off and the travel mugs 85% off! (And these are seriously the BEST travel mugs. They pass EVERY leak test!)

We immediately thought to stock up for Christmas gifts and started filling a basket with every winter or Christmas themed item we could find.  Be it for co-workers, neighbors, or the last-minute invite to a secret santa party, you can always use gifts on hand to limit those crowded December mall runs.


As we made our way to the register, we saw some smaller “Tea tags” and other goodies, marked down to $3 each (originally $5 or $8).  Again, the sales person peaked our interest when they mentioned that if you buy 5, they are only $2 each! I was concerned about expiration dates, but was informed they are certainly still good for another year (well after Christmas gift giving will take place).


So for only $30, we got NINE mugs to gift, and for an extra $10, were able to get 5 adorable tea-filled gift tags.  We also picked up some of our favorite summer iced-tea flavors that went on sale, so we can enjoy them well into the fall.


David’s tea also had a promotion, where you could purchase their $28 iced-tea travel mug for only $5 with any purchase, so we grabbed two of those!
Head on over before they sell out!


‘Till next time, stock up & save!

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