When Life Gives You Lemons…

Lord & Taylor has some amazing summer sales going on (shoes were an additional 70% off the sale price, swimwear was marked down to $19.99 plus and additional 25% off, and clothing for both men & women was drastically discounted).

As I walked by the sleepwear department, the 50% off signs on top of the Kate Spade racks caught my eye! Their sleepwear is so comfy (and cute)! While I would have loved to pick up one of each print, I settled on a soft, cotton short & t-shirt set with an optimistic saying: “look on the bright side”.  Doesn’t everyone needs a little perking up in the morning?!


Anyway, lets get to the good part.  This 2-piece set retails for $78 (and they kept it at that price for a LONG time).  The sale price brought the set down to $58.50 – yikes, still high.  Add in the 50% sale, and the PJ set was less than $30! That’s just about 65% off of the retail price!


There were other Kate Spade cotton night-shirts and silk chemises on the racks as low as $14 after the 50% off!  Prices seem to be higher on their website – so check the store for the best prices (and to cut out he shipping cost)!

‘Till next time, Make Lemonade!

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