Free Card Friday

There’s nothing better than Fridays in summer, leaving work and looking ahead to a full weekend of warm weather.  Hallmark has their own way of making Friday’s in summer even better:

Free Card Friday!


This summer, Hallmark or “The Paper Store”, (the rebranded store name here in New England) is offering an entire selection of “just because” cards for free on Friday with your Hallmark rewards card.  If you don’t have a rewards card, you can easily sign up online, for free.  As an added bonus for signing up, they’ll send you a $5 off $10 coupon.  I personally never carry the physical reward card around, I just provide the cashier with my phone number when making a purchase and my points add up.  A few birthday cards and wrapping paper rolls later, and you’ll receive even more coupons (percent off coupons, dollar(s) off coupons, and reward dollars).

You’re not going to find your typical birthday card in the “just because” line, but you’ll find a huge variety of so much more.  You’ll find typical thank you cards, along with thank you cards specifically for teachers, coaches and hairdressers.  You’ll find encouragement cards for cancer, infertility and chronic illness.  You’ll find congratulations cards for new homes and for new babies.  You’ll find cards specifically for children doing well in school, and good luck cards for adults moving to a new job.  You’ll find cards for friends, cards about love, and cards about loss of love.  You’ll cards for anniversaries for widowers, and sympathy cards offering hope and support.  You’ll find unique cards that are going to make someone smile, and let the know that you’re just “thinking of them”.  I was shocked at the huge selection – there’s really something for everyone.


You don’t need to make any additional purchases for this offer.  Just go in, pick a “just because” card, and your receipt will show $0.00!  This deal ends the last week of August, so there’s still time to stock up each Friday.


You are bound to brighten someone’s day, in a very meaningful way.  Everyone loves receiving snail mail!  Share some love, share some cards.

‘Till next time!

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