Dress Deals (& STEALS)!

Holiday weekends are always known for having amazing deals.  Nordstrom Rack and Saks off 5th offered 25% off already-reduced clearance items. Talbots offered 70% off of already-reduced clearance items.  Ann Taylor offered 50% off already-reduced clearance items.  Lord&Taylor had 75% off all winter coats, dresses, sleepwear and more (and if you were lucky enough like me, they also mailed out a $30 bonus card – that could be used like a gift card on ANY purchase!).
I could go on and on…. Let me show you some of my favorite finds of the weekend:

Starting off, this Coral Monique Lhuillier chiffon gown retailed at $990.  It was marked all the away down to $149.99… take the extra 25% off of that: $112.49! That’s over 88% off!

Next on the list, Oscar De La Renta.  This classic day dress was originally marked $1,990.  The clearance tag marked it way down to $319.97!  After the 25% off, this dress came to $239.98: 88% off!

Third, a St. John exclusive for Saks – the best spotted deal.  This dress was originally sold for $995, and marked way, WAY down to $89.97.  With the extra discount, the price was knocked all the way down to $67.48.  93% off!

Deals didn’t end at the malls and outlets.  Marshalls and TJ Maxx have racks upon racks of clearance merchandise.  Be patients as you sift through, and keep your eyes open because there are certainly deals hiding among the masses of items.

Badgley Mischka gown over 90% off at TJ Maxx!

Check out this Badgley Mischka gown – possibly left over from last spring, but perfect for formal events in the upcoming spring months!  The original tag was still attached to this dress, showing the $595 retail price!  TJ Maxx was selling the dress for $129.99… the drastically reduced that price in half to $59: 90% off !

Come back to read about more weekend deals – ‘Till next time!

75% Off The Dress of your Dreams!

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you know I love everything that’s pink and full of bows!  So here’s my story about the perfect pink bow dress.


Have you ever seen something and knew it was just made for you – it fits your style perfectly.  It just calls your name and is pure perfection.  Back in September, I saw that “perfect” dress posted on Instagram.  I contacted the woman who posted the picture to find out where I could get it and she let me know the photo was taken at a Kate Spade outlet store – but the store she took the photo in was halfway across the country!
I looked on their website, I looked on e-bay, and I could not find the dress!

Then, Columbus day weekend rolled around.  All of the sudden, my local Kate Spade outlet had stocked the dress and I immediately grabbed it off the rack.  It fit, but not perfectly – I needed it taken in, but I figured my tailor could deal with that.  I knew the dress would have a high price tag, but it was the PERFECT color to wear to my bridal shower in April.  Thankfully, holiday weekends = SALES!  At retail stores, the dress sells for $428 – the outlet price was $345.

The promotion for Columbus Day weekend was great – 50% off each item, plus an additional 20% off your entire purchase!  That made $345 drop down to $138 – that’s a 60% total savings off the outlet price!


You might ask – why is she posting about this dress deal five months after she bought it?  Well, I planned on posting this in April (I wouldn’t want to post the photos before wearing it) !  But that all changed this past weekend: I unfortunately (and sadly) had to return it.  My tailor regrettably could not make it fit me right – NOT cool.
And now I have less than a month to find something just as perfect!

But you on the other hand, now know about this awesome deal is still available:  I bet you wont believe they still have this dress (and rack-fulls of others) available at the outlet – and it’s now UNDER $90! That’s 75% off of the outlet price!  At that price, they certainly wont last long so hurry to get the best selection!

‘Till next time, stay stylish!

Accidentally Receiving Free Gifts?

It was an accident.  I didn’t try to cheat the system.  I didn’t try to receive anything I didn’t earn.  But that’s the way it turned out.

The Lord & Taylor Friends & Family Sale started last week.  That means discounts on top of discounts.  Regular and sale items are an additional 25% off; clearance items are an additional 30% off.  You can even save 10% off of makeup and perfume, which is very rare.

The Clinique counter also had a free gift with a $27 purchase (a zipper bag filled with full size samples of eye-shadow, mascara, lipstick, serum, moisturizer and facial soap).  I was purchasing an item as a Christmas gift, but they did not have the exact color I needed in stock.  The sales woman graciously ordered the item I needed, shipped free to my house.

On a side note:  The item I ordered was exactly $27.  I made a choice not to use my 10% off, because I felt that the gift was worth much more than the $2.70 I’d save with the coupon.  The sales woman handed me the free gift I earned, with my receipt, and the confirmation of my order.

Unfortunately, I just received an e-mail that said my order has been cancelled because the item is completely sold out!  But, to be optimistic:  my credit card has been fully credited, and … I still get to keep the awesome free gift, valued at $70!  I guess I lucked out (plus Nordstrom has the item I need in stock, price matched to Lord & Taylors’ coupon price ($24.30), with free shipping – and there’s still time to order for Christmas-eve arrival!)

‘Till next time.

Free Goodies at Origins!

The last time I “bought” something at Origins was about a year ago, when they sent me a holiday gift-card.  I got another one in the mail this past weekend, so back to Origins I went.  I found it pretty funny that the coupon labeled me a “very good customer“.  I wonder what people who actually buy stuff there get?!

IMG_3279Basically, I didn’t want to spend any money, but I also didn’t want to let $10 a gift-card go to waste.  I’m not in love with any of their products – they may claim to use natural products, but they also use way too much irritating fragrance.  Anyway, while browsing their website, I noticed they carry the line of “Ojon” hair-care.  My hair could definitely use some TLC – the colder it gets outside, the more unmanageable it becomes.  A sample size of the conditioner was exactly $10 – worth a try.

I’m not sure who could even consider spending $10 on two ounces of conditioner, but they wouldn’t keep it in stock if it didn’t sell, right?  I’ll have to see if it’s worth the high price tag (that I didn’t pay)!

IMG_3283I left the store, bag in hand, without spending a dime.  Goal achieved!
‘Till next time, shop & save!