Versatile Basics for Less:

Okay.  I’ll make this post short & sweet.  It’s been a successful week.  Besides doing a CVS run full of everyday essentials worth $78 for under $10 (9 to be exact)… I also found something I’m constantly looking for: a plain navy tee!

Throughout the past month, I’ve said “I wish I had a nice plain white [or navy] tee” more times than I could count.  So today I stopped at TJ’s (I had a gift card!) and found the perfect navy one within a matter of minutes!!

Soft, not too tight, flowy but not baggy, and not too short!! AND 80% off the original price!


This Vince Tee is the perfect wardrobe addition.  While the $125 price tag  is outrageous$24.99 isn’t that bad for a staple! Now if they only had it available in white too!!

‘Till next time 🙂

Florals Forever!

Wedding in T-Minus 90 hours so I’ll keep this post short & sweet –
(my to-do list is a mile long)!

Let’s talk floral. Floral is your perfect go-go for any spring or summer function: showers, weddings, graduation parties and bbqs.  So when I came across two Eliza J. floral dresses for $20 and change at Nordstrom Rack, I grabbed them as quick as I could! Eliza J. fits me pretty well so that saves a much-dreaded trip to the tailor!


This weekend I was able to wear one of them at my friends Bridal Shower Tea-Party so I can finally share my post with you!


Here it goes:
$138 Pink Floral Eliza J. Dress, with original Nordstrom Tags,
marked down 85% off : $20.70!

$138 White and Blue Floral Eliza J. Dress, with original Nordstrom Tags,
also marked down 85% off : $20.70!

Till Next Time, Stay Stylish while Saving!

Great Menswear Deals!

There are so many reasons to give gifts – holidays, birthdays, special occasions.  But, every so often you want to buy a gift “just because”.  I felt like my fiancé deserved something new – he’s lost over 15 pounds in the past few months, devoting himself to a healthy lifestyle.  Plus, I’ve noticed most of his wardrobe is getting a bit baggy.

I stopped by Nordstrom Rack last night on my way home from work – they had just started one of my favorite sales: “Clear the Rack“.  They typically host this sale on holiday weekends, and all clearance items are an additional 25% off!  As I quickly browsed through the woman’s section and shoe department with no luck, I made my way over to the men’s clearance rack.

As I quickly pushed items across the rack, I began spotting Tommy Bahama quarter-zip sweatshirts – a casual staple in my fiancés wardrobe – marked between $29.40 and $34.99.  These sweatshirts retail for $98 at Nordstrom and the Tommy Bahama store, and rarely go on sale.  The Nordstrom Rack price this year was $57.97 , before the clearance sticker of course.  They still had a large variety of colors to choose from and I ended up purchasing one navy blue and one reversible dark grey.  After the 25% discount was added, I paid $51.36 including tax for BOTH sweatshirts – that’s 75% off their regular price and a $147.71 savings!!


What could be better than that deal?! The fact that Nordstrom is giving TRIPLE POINTS this weekend when you make purchases on your Nordstrom Card – so you’ll earn gift certificates even faster!


It felt good to give a thoughtful gift to celebrate my fiancés achievement,
and it felt even better knowing I got a great deal!

‘Till Next Time: Keep finding great deals on gifts!

It’s time to CLEAR THE RACKS!

Literally everyone flocked to the mall yesterday, it was worse than the week before Christmas. Maybe for the sales, maybe to warm up from the negative temperatures outside. Either way, lines were long, hands were full of shopping bags, and winter clearance items were flying off the racks.

After a trip to the mall with my mom, where I redeemed my free makeover offer at Sephora, and picked up two pairs of shoes for under $25 each (over 75% off)… it made sence to stop at Nordstrom Rack down the street.  They’re holding their “Clear the Rack” sale, which offers an additional 25% off of all red or blue clearance tags!

I’ll admit, sifting through racks was a bit difficult – the shoppers before us must have stampeded the store, and associates couldn’t bring unwanted items out from the dressing rooms as fast as they were coming in.  But, in all the chaos, my mom happened to see a Kate Spade Tropical Peplum Sheath Dress – in my size!  It’s absolutely perfect for summer – cottony and comfortable.  I can easily throw it on for work with a solid cardigan, or dress it up for a nice dinner out!

I knew the dress was pulled from the clearance rack, but I was sure in for a surprise when I actually looked at the price tag.  This $378 dress, was marked down to $34.97 – Did someone mismark it?  That was 91% off!

When the dress rang up, it was NOT $34.97 – after applying the additional
25%, it came to $26.33 – that’s 93% off of the original price!!!!

I know Nordstrom Rack can be hit-or-miss, but yesterday,
it was certainly worth the trip!


‘Till next time, keep your eyes open for the best deals and shop in pairs for a double set of eyes!

Do NOT Settle – for High Prices!

The last time I posted about price comparisons, was when I purchased my awesome Dyson Cordless Vacuum back in November (I’m still in love with its capabilities)… so this time, lets talk style.

More often than not, a person will go to a store or go on a website, see something they like, and purchase it.  That’s great, if you don’t mind wasting money (in my case today, over $100!)  With the internet in our hands, literally, it’s more easy than not to spend a measly 3 minutes goggling that item to make sure it’s not cheaper somewhere else.

So, here’s what happened to me.  Salt has been an enemy to my favorite black leather boots, and no matter how many times I polish them, the stains keep coming back.  So, considering I’ve had them since my college days, it’s time for a new pair.  I’ve tried pair after pair this winter, not loving any that I’ve seen.  I also think that a good pair of black boots is an investment – they’re a winter staple in Connecticut between October and March.  They should be good quality and they should last winter after winter – but there’s only so much you should invest… no matter what, they wont last forever.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Bloomingdales announcing a great presidents day sale, and low and behold a beautiful pair of black leather Kate Spade boots, originally $398, marked down to $139.29 (this weekend only!)  That price goes up to $198.99 on February 15th.  But they did not have my size – bummer!


A few websites later, I noticed Nordstrom DID have my size.  But the SAME EXACT boots were $238.80 (only 40% 0ff the original price).  Why on earth would I pay $99 more for the same product?!  Being savvy, and having used their price match policy before, I contacted Nordstrom customer service to ask for the price to be adjusted.  Well, there’s a catch.  They noticed that Bloomindales didn’t have my size available so they wouldn’t match the price for me.  So they just lost my sale.

I was aggravated, it was frustrating.  And I really wanted these boots!  So, this morning, I decided to check one more time – to see if Nordstrom happened to adjust their pricing online.  They didn’t, but it was definitely my lucky day.  Bloomindales magically had size 8 in stock!  I added them to my cart with the click of a button and got the boots for 65% off!!!  I also used my (free) loyalist card, which gives me automatic free shipping, and double points on my footwear purchase!
I’m pretty sure I got the last pair, because size 8 is sold out again!

‘Till next time, stay warm & stylish this winter
and COMPARE for the best deal!

Unbelievable Dress Deals!

My posts have been far and few between lately – autumn is an extremely busy season! Anyway, even though I haven’t had much time to shop, my eye caught some amazing dress deals at Nordstrom Rack a few days ago.  I inspected the dresses and could not find anything wrong with them – just shocking price tags.

I literally could not believe some of these markdowns –

The very best deal in my opinion?
A $898 Cobalt lace ML for $68.  That’s about 92% off!

Normally in stores we see Michael, by Michael Kors.  It’s not often we see the real Michael Kors Collection, with dresses running up to $20,000 a piece.  This dress in particular was $1,575 and marked down three times to $119.90.
That’s a 92% savings!

IMG_3046 IMG_3048 IMG_3047

How about this beautiful blue Carmen Marc Valvo for 85% off!
It was $495 and dropped to $76.48!

dress3 dress4

There was this $595 Thia for $144.97 – more than 75% off!

dress1 dress2

More from Thia – a $1,095 gown for $359.97 (67% off):

IMG_3053  IMG_3052

and a $1,295 gown for $169.97 (87% off)!

IMG_3050 IMG_3049

There was also a super cute Burberry dress, retailing for $1,295
and marked down to $409.97 – a 68% savings!


I’m sure if I kept browsing through the racks, I would have found more amazing deals, but the store was about to close!
If these dresses are still around during a “Clear the Rack” sale, you’ll get an additional 25% off on top of the already-incredible deals –
but I’m sure they’ll sell fast!

‘Till next time, always aim for the best, and realize you can afford it!

Labor Day Sales are Upon Us – Check These Out!

Labor day is upon us:  The end of summer, and the start of pumpkin-everything.  Kids are back in school, and soon enough we’ll be throwing on our sweatshirts and jackets. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the cooler weather – but I am looking forward to weekend sales!

Here’s a list of places to find the best deals this weekend on designer goods:

  1. CLEAR THE RACK at Nordstrom Rack – in stores & online.  Take an extra 25% off all clearance items through September 7th – with savings up to 90% off the best brands!
  2. Nordstrom Clearance – in stores & online.  A ton of summer items on sale for the whole family!
  3. Big Brown Sale at Bloomingdales – A huge selection of items are 20-70% off, plus use code BIG20 for an additional 20% off sale and clearance items! Don’t forget to use your free loyalist card to earn points toward rewards certificates too!
  4. Lord & Taylor – Use the savings pass available on their website in stores & online for an additional 25% off clearance items and an additional 20% off sale & regular price items.  On their mailing list like I am? Check to see if you also received a “$15 off $40” coupon in the mail that you can combine with the other deals!

Almost every store and outlet will have amazing promotions to clear out any remaining summer merchandise – and you might even score some great deals on things for autumn!

Heading to the outlets? Make sure to stop by the information desk if you have a AAA Card.  You’ll get a great coupon book for additional savings.  There are also extended weekend hours – be sure to get there early for the best parking or take advantage of the shuttles and valet offered this weekend due to the large crowds!

Check back to see my great finds!  ‘Till then, stay stylish!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & Double Points!

Ladies & Gents, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is here!  All of the newest autumn trends have just arrived, and most of them are marked down 20-50+%.  As soon as August 2nd rolls around, the items will shoot back up to full price so there’s no time to waste.  Not thinking about the leaves turning colors, and the chilly nights rolling in? Well, those days are not too far ahead of us.  This is the perfect time to stockpile Christmas presents (it is NEVER too early) and complete your back-to-school shopping for the hottest brands: The North Face, Ugg, Tory Burch, even Burberry.

Taking advantage of the sale?  Act fast because today is the last day to receive double points on every Anniversary Sale purchase with your Nordstrom Card – in stores & online.  You’ll earn reward certificates even faster.

Since I have a Nordstrom Credit, I was able to take advantage of the card perks and shop “Pre-Sale” last week.  I picked up a new North Face Denali Jacket at 25% off!  I normally wouldn’t flinch for a measly 25% off, but for a classic black Jacket that returns year after year at full price and never goes on sale, it was a deal worth taking advantage of.  Passing through the normal sale racks, I found a cotton Tory Burch cardigan in one of my favorite colors for 60% off!  The saleswoman told me it was an online return of a sold-out item, so I snatched it fast.

So get out of the over-bearing heat, think of the cooler days ahead, and go to Nordstrom – it’ll certainly be air-conditioned.

‘Till next time, stay stylish 😉