Free Goodies at Origins!

The last time I “bought” something at Origins was about a year ago, when they sent me a holiday gift-card.  I got another one in the mail this past weekend, so back to Origins I went.  I found it pretty funny that the coupon labeled me a “very good customer“.  I wonder what people who actually buy stuff there get?!

IMG_3279Basically, I didn’t want to spend any money, but I also didn’t want to let $10 a gift-card go to waste.  I’m not in love with any of their products – they may claim to use natural products, but they also use way too much irritating fragrance.  Anyway, while browsing their website, I noticed they carry the line of “Ojon” hair-care.  My hair could definitely use some TLC – the colder it gets outside, the more unmanageable it becomes.  A sample size of the conditioner was exactly $10 – worth a try.

I’m not sure who could even consider spending $10 on two ounces of conditioner, but they wouldn’t keep it in stock if it didn’t sell, right?  I’ll have to see if it’s worth the high price tag (that I didn’t pay)!

IMG_3283I left the store, bag in hand, without spending a dime.  Goal achieved!
‘Till next time, shop & save!